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So… why does the world need another marketer creating another blog on his or her view of marketing? Well, maybe it doesn’t – but, I’m adding one anyways! I believe that there is always a new way to look at things, a different way… and, in my experience, every extra little bit of information you get on a (marketing) problem gives you one little extra glimpse at a potential solution. With this in mind – I’d like to add a glimpse with a “lemon twist”, which is the best way to have a martini, so perhaps a great way to have a new insight!

For this introductory post, I simply want to share a quick thought on the power of marketing… For me, there is no doubt that marketing and branding have the ability to shape the world around us. The power of our words, of our actions – and ultimately of the delivery on our promises – can change the world. I don’t mean to sound self-righteous but I genuinely believe that as marketers, brand managers, public relations managers, and event managers – essentially all of us who have an impact on society through our communications – influence the way people act and react.

This fine balance of art and science called marketing is not just about selling the widget and hitting the bottom line; it’s about far more. It’s about truly delivering value to the person purchasing the widget – and ideally delivering value to that person’s family, community, and maybe the world?

Future posts will look at campaigns in this light and share ideas and insights from other great marketers, bloggers, brand managers, authors, businesses and many others who influence and motivate me (and some who don’t).

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade!