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Now that I have your attention…

In high school, this opening statement was often a rallying cry to ensure you had everyone’s undivided attention. In the book Fascinate, Sally Hogshead explains why this statement, and others, not only capture our attention, but shape our behaviours during the interaction.

Fascinate takes you through 7 triggers that you are already using whether you know it or not, that make you (your message, your business, your product) fascinating. Fascination, in its lightest form, captivates your audience… in its scariest form it gives us cults like the ones we may remember from Waco, Texas.

Take a journey through: Lust, Vice, Prestige, Power, Alarm, Mystique and Trust. You will learn that these triggers are not always and only about the connotation that comes with the word itself, but they are triggers that make your audience feel something about you, and shape their interaction. Sally also takes the time to show clear and applicable examples, as well as a framework on how you can learn to fascinate. (And, I thank her for that… it is always difficult to take a concept into action without a roadmap!)

Want to know how you are already fascinating? Take your F-Score test and find out! Through the book, you will learn more about your own triggers, and how to push them to the outlying edges of a bell curve to help you become even more fascinating.

But, beware: Learning to fascinate is not for the faint of heart. You have to be willing (daring enough) to go to the edges, completely flip what you know, and stand out – all the while, you have to stay true to your values.

Fascination is not about right and wrong, or good and bad. It is about creating a connection so strong, that the audience is focused, and ready to take actions – sometimes irrational ones – in reaction to the message.

Are you ready?


In taking my F-Score test, I have learned that the triggers I use most to fascinate are Prestige and Power. My dormant trigger… Mystique. This really shouldn’t surprise you since I just told you!