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It was (apparently) 6 months ago that we decided to invest in a Dyson vacuum cleaner; after all, we live in 680 sq. ft. with a 120lb dog and 2 cats! Why did we buy a Dyson? Because we heard nothing but good things and read nothing but good reviews… from a product standpoint, none of the hearsay disappointed. 

But, today, Dyson proved to be more than just a really amazing product. Dyson is an amazing brand!

You know that moment when you buy some household appliance or electronic? You get home and you pull out that “register your product” card… well, do you register? We registered our Dyson under the impression, like all other product registrations, that it would only serve us should we ever need to use the manufacturer’s warranty. Though I’m sure (and now even more so) that we could use the registration as proof of purchase in case of warranty need, today, Dyson impressed by sending us the following e-mail reminding us that it was time to wash our filter (ensuring a continued positive vacuuming experience for the months to come):








Dear Judi,

We hope you are enjoying your Dyson vacuum.

To help keep it working at its best, please make sure you wash the filter every now and then. We recommend you wash the filter on your DC14 every 6 months.

If you’d prefer one of our experts talk you through it, call us toll-free
at 1 877 397 6622.

Dyson Customer Service is available from 8am – 7pm Monday – Friday and 9am – 5pm on Saturday (EST).

To help you remember, we will send you this wash day reminder every 6 months. Washing your filter regularly will help to keep your machine working at its best.

Thank you,

Dyson Customer Service
Toronto, ON.


After receiving this e-mail, I had to take a deeper look into the Dyson brand. The notion of closing the gap between brand promise and brand experience is really clear with Dyson. The values of innovation and creativity shine through in James Dyson’s actions. After all, he revolutionized the vacuum cleaner, and his product absolutely does what it claims to do – never lose suction!

What takes this brand even further – because, as we know, the brand would be nothing if the actual product didn’t work – is that Dyson takes their core value of innovation and creativity into their CSR too. The James Dyson Foundation encourages and rewards the creativity of youth through regular workshops and opportunities for research. In 2011, in Bath, England, the JDF will open the Dyson School of Design Innovation where young people will have the chance to gain the skills they need to become the “future inventors”. And, donations upwards of 333,000 pounds were given to Bath’s Royal United Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in support of developing a new centre where medical and scientific research can flourish.

The longevity of my Dyson vacuum is yet to be determined, but my interactions and connections to the brand have certainly been marked by positivity. A truly great example on developing an important brand champion within the realm of consumers and, in a short period of time!

How can you link your great product, to brand champions through key, critical, relevant interactions?